We believe that students everywhere deserve the best education

That’s why we have taken the lead in creating great learning experiences both in the classroom and beyond.

Positive Education

VE Furniture exists to create positive change in the world by inspiring future generations through carefully crafted learning environments.

Imagine, create and express yourself.

"We've always been a family business in every sense of the word"
- Adrian Lim

Our Story

We’re Family

VE Furniture has always been about family.

We’ve been designing and making educational furniture since 1992, and while attitudes to learning outcomes and space design have evolved, we’ve always been a family business in every sense of the word.

Run by two generations of the Lim family, VE Furniture has grown from a humble startup to one of Australia’s leading educational suppliers. Under the guidance of Eddie and son Adrian, we have extended our product offering in recent years, from our original range of desks, tables and student chairs, to include soft furnishings, collaborative work tools, and modular furniture systems.

Since 2009 our manufacturing arm has grown to encompass a production facility in China. Increasing and growing our manufacturing process is driven by our vision for quality, sustainable educational products that are accessible to all schools.

"We've always been a family business in every sense of the word"

"Good design has a profound impact on wellbeing"


Designing For the Future

At VE Furniture, creative thinking informs every concept we create. Our dedicated design team takes inspiration from the needs of today's students to prepare them for tomorrow's challenges

Our in-house design team is young, inspired and driven to make positive change in the world. Through thoughtfully craft and collated collections, every VE Furniture product is designed to be both beautiful and functional knowing that good design has a profound impact on student wellbeing.

Using the best digital and analog resources and technologies available we create sketches, concepts, and prototypes, before refining these ideas with our manufacturing team in a way that few others can. Rapidly prototyping and evolving our range to both create and respond to educational trends.

"Good design has a good impact on wellbeing"


Built to be better

Our approach to production is a simple one. Combine the most progressive machinery available with a team of focused individuals.

Once our designs move from the factory to assembly, our production team carefully construct each product with a focus on reducing waste, saving energy, and ensuring product quality.

We’re continually striving to evolve our designs and production process, ensuring that our products not only maintain quality through their entire product lifecycle, but include elements that can be easily replaced reducing waste, landfill and our impact on the environment.


Going Beyond profit

We believe that sustainability and longevity are aggregated with quality. That a high quality product should be made with interchangeable components to last a lifetime.

Our aim is to look beyond profit to ensure an ethical and sustainable future for the students we design for.

Our Services

If you feel stuck for choice, don't know where to start or simply need a second opinion, our team are specialists in interiors and product who help on customer projects all day long.

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