Dynamic Duo

Intensive learning becomes a breeze this Dynamic Duo. The writable surface of the Podz Arc Table combined with the fluid movement of the Sway Stool helps students channel energy into their work!


Maker Station

Our STEM Maker Station provides a place for sometimes-standers, robotic-tinkerers, or any group activity. It's ideal for encouraging students to move, interact with materials, and collaborate.



What's the all the buzz about? Well our Buzz Student Chair is the lightweight, stacking chair you didn't know you needed! This full classroom set is perfect for setting up last minute classrooms.



Our High-Rise Bundle is perfect for those to love to work at their own level! With a height adjustable table and the dynamic movement of out Hexa Bobble Stool High-Rise is perfect for meetings and breakaway spaces.


Mako Bay

Whether waiting around, or breaking out our Mako Lounge will keep boring at bay. It's the perfect setting for libraries, casual meeting spaces or creating fun, playful reception areas.



Engage with students in a whole new way! Out Podz Writable Surface Tables are the must have item for any space looking to promote and activate collaboration and group think-tanks!



Working together has never been so easy. Our Podz Mobile Table makes group work a breeze with its rounded profile lending itself to discussion based learning activities. 



Our Petal Writeable Bundle is ideal for guided learning activities in early learning centres, classrooms and STEM spaces.
The writable surface of the Podz Table is perfect for brainstorming activities.



Move in your own direction with the flexibility of the Freeform. This ottoman and table combination is perfect for breakout spaces, libraries and administration break rooms .


Active Learners

Hands on learning has never been this much fun! Our Podz Activity Table with its removable totes is perfect hands on activities in STEM spaces, early learning centres and junior art rooms.



Looking to take your learning to the next level? Our Air Lift Workstation is designed to create ergonomic environments, it give you the flexibility to transition from sitting to standing within in seconds



The Peanut iFlip Table is the ideal tool for creative brainstorming and group activities. The design enables each student to actively participate and the writable surface is great for taking notes. 


Ocha Low

The Ocha table and Lilypad combine to create a low level workspace that encourages collaborative learning. Ocha is the perfect in the classroom or early learning environment.


Collaboration Cubee

The Collaboration Cubee makes group brainstorming a snap with its flip-top writeable surface and and square ottomans. When you're finished, just fold them away again.


Stack 'em Up!

Taking its name from the Japanese word for 'multi' the Maruchi Stool is the definition of multipurpose. With its steel frame it's designed to be stacked, sat on, and re-stacked over and over again.


Art Zone

There's nothing like the classics right? Well you cant beat this winning combo of our Classmate Art Bench and Proform Sled Base Stools. Perfect for any art room or STEM space.



There's nothing like the classics right? Well you cant beat this winning combo of our Classmate Art Bench and Proform Graphics Stools. Perfect for any art room or STEM space.


Classmate Flex

Simple, clean, classic classroom design that works in any space. Optional table top colours allow you to design a custom table tailored to the needs of your space and student.


Nova Nook

Collaborative learning or team brainstorming would be ideal in the Nova Nook. This intimate breakaway setting is the perfect addition for your classroom or library space.

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