Dandenong High School


Established in 1919, Dandenong High School is one of the oldest, largest and most culturally diverse Secondary Schools in Victoria. The need for extra space and new facilities saw Dandenong High School expand in early 2019.

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The initial stage of this project saw VE Furniture collaborating directly with Hayball Architects with products to be specified for the various spaces and zones. From these beginnings VE Furniture carried conversations forward with Dandenong High School and began to advise the school on product that would be suitable to support their learning activities and teaching styles.

Working alongside Hayball, VE Furniture was able to design products specifically for the clients’ needs to achieve their goals and bring the architect’s vision to life.


Sites meetings were crucial during this process to determine product viability and suitability for both space and learning activities. Samples were also a key requirement to ensure not only quality, but suitability for the education sector. After due diligence was undertaken by the client, both Hayball Architects and Dandenong High School felt that VE Furniture offered the highest quality of product in relation to price.


Dandenong High School now boasts a state of the art facility that is loved by both staff and students. The client continues to use VE Furniture as their first point of contact for all their furniture requirements.

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